If you’re without a drivers license because of unpaid court fees, that might change soon.

A Tennessee federal judge ruled it unconstitutional to revoke drivers licenses from those who simply can’t afford to pay court fees.

This new ruling is expected to benefit low-income individuals who have been unable to complete day-to-day tasks like driving to work or driving their kids to school for fear of being arrested.

Amber Doyle, a Murfreesboro resident, said, “I’m pregnant now, so I couldn’t get to my doctors appointments on my own. I couldn’t visit my family members when I wanted. I couldn’t do anything without a license.”

Another Murfreesboro resident, Pixie Hailey, said, “When my best friend got her license taken away, it was extremely difficult. Not just for her, but for me as well, and for the people around her. Her husband didn’t have a car.”

The judge gave the state exactly sixty days to come up with a new system to put an end to revoking licenses over unpaid court fees, and also get rid of penalties given to those affected.

Peyton Hill reporting for MT10 News