Megan Cole, MT10 Reporter and Anchor

The Murphy Center is home to many basketball games, graduations, and most importantly, memories.

If you were sitting in the Murphy Center over 40 years ago, then you would have had the opportunity to see the world-renowned artists such as Whitney Houston, the Eagles, and even Elvis Presley– five times.

If you didn’t get that chance, then you’re in luck: MTSU might be bringing back this musical tradition.

In the past, students listened to their favorite artists at a discounted price, and even fell in love.

Sam and Nancy Bagwell recalled their first date: a Chicago concert in 1973.

“He’s always been a romantic,” Nancy Bagwell said of her husband, “and this was where we fell in love. I’m ready to come back to another concert here at Murphy Center.” 

Charles Pigg is the engineer who traveled the country to create the Murphy Center.

“The hope in building the facility was a big big PR factor in this community. Thousands of people came through just to see just to look,” Pigg said. “The acoustics here are just phenomenal, and they have been since day one.” 

The Al Gore Research Center still has contracts and memorabilia from past concerts.