MTSU Football Player Survives Cancer Battle


Megan Cole, MT10 Reporter and Anchor

A former Tusclum University football player came to MTSU after he found something out that would change his life forever.

At age 18, Luke Hillis was living out his dream of playing college football.

One day, he fell ill, and he was taken to the hospital.

“They did one more CT scan,” Hillis said, “and that’s when they found that I had Stage 2 testicular cancer, and it spread to my lymph nodes and my back, and was about to spread to my lungs.”

His former football coach, Greg Wyant, supported him throughout the process.

“My big deal for him was to stay steady in his fight, and to continue to work and pray that things were going to get better,” Wyant said.

Hillis made a full recovery, and is planning on becoming a teacher and football coach after he graduates from MTSU.

He still reminisces about the good old days on the field.

“You form a bond that’s really hard to replicate outside of high school football,” Hillis said, “and that’s probably what I miss the most about it.”