Some voters are becoming nervous about the midterm election.

Sarah Wilfong Joblin, a Middle Tennessee State University student, said, “The people I tend to talk politics with, everybody is just a bundle of nerves and just not sure what the outcome will be.”

There is a lot of unknown with how this election will turn out, and because of that, both parties have increased their political ads.

However, some people say that these politicians’ points don’t matter. Christopher Cowherd, another MTSU student, said, “The reality is it doesn’t really matter who gets elected– the same stuff happens. The same corruptions, the same illegal foreign wars, the same unethical policy decisions are made by both parties.”

According to a new psychological study from San Francisco University, roughly a quarter of students are suffering from symptoms linked to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder related to the 2016 presidential election.

While the study is not completely comprehensive and was only limited to Arizona State University, it did find students’ stress and anxiety levels were significantly increased just after election results.

Some students believe that stress and anxiety are going down with the help of social media. MTSU student Jim Sanders said, “Students, especially on campus– or not even campuses– have more access to different news sources and different points of view.”

Megan Cole reporting for MT10 News